Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bear Lake 2011

We just got back from Bear Lake. We have so much fun when we go up there. Life slows down, stress lifts, and we all just have a good time.

I had three different "camera's" there. I didn't charge my cameras before I came and I ran out of memory. So the pictures are kind of out of order. =)

Samantha LOVES Wake Surfing!!!! It is one of the many things she looks forward to at the "Farm". Uncle Chad is AWESOME!

The reason I took this picture is because at the time Jason was on the porch. He looked up, saw all the kids on the play dome thingy, and ran over and got under neath. The fact that he wanted to be around his cousins made me soooooo happy!
My girls loving the fire! Chad gets to light a fire almost every night. The kids would sit by it all the time!

I love Mitch. He doesn't give up on Jason. Even if he doesn't understand the impact he makes, he is doing so much good making Jason accept him in his little world.
Ya, I'm a nerd. I had to take a picture of how tired we were after day one.
Baby Beth got out of the cabin and started heading toward the road. So my sweet Duncan decided to grab her and watch her, without being asked! What a sweet heart!
We went to lunch a La Beaus one day. Curtis lost his drink to Jason. He didn't complain. He just gave it to him, and helped feed him for me.
My parents and the Lowrance's have bought some land at the "reserve". There is a playground and a swimming pool. We wanted to take advantage of it so we went up there and had some fun. The kids enjoyed the pool, and the parents enjoyed not having to tell the kids they were too far out in the lake.
Samantha loves to tease everyone. Grandpa didn't take to it quite as calmly as some. =)
Jason loved the hot tub. His favorite thing was to walk back and forth between the pool and hot tub. Lots of sensory input.
Samantha is such a ham!
Duncan was a little tired by this time.
Tori's mask! Mom always has crafts and this was one of them.
The last day we went up to Bloomington Lake. The kids enjoy this hike, and swim. Except for the fact that there is still snow surrounding the lake......=)
I didn't have to worry about Jason too much. It was even too cold for him.
On the way home Duncan made us stop at the border. He said he wanted to be in two places at once.
Jason even played!!!
Gotta love the go carts.
I couldn't get a good picture. They were just moving too fast.
Brett had to take Aurora on the 4 wheeler. It was just too much fun!!
Tori was in the water almost the whole time!
Kayaking. Lots of fun.
Always gotta enjoy jumping out of the boat.
Duncan was always in the water. Anytime they'd let him.
Jason got really cold! He was shivering. Thank goodness there was a heater on the boat. The tube pulls out and we put it under the towels. He sighed as soon as the warm air hit him.
I love my boys!

More Tori in the water. I don't think I ever noticed her on the beach unless it was lunch time.
My helpful girl. She is such a tough little thing.
the kids spent hours under the trampoline. Even Jason went under it for a while.
Tubing!! Chad just loves throwing you off!

He did finally get Duncan off. He enjoyed every minute.
However, we should have had these three go first. After the wild ride they didn't want to go fast at all. These are actually in order. You can tell when Chad tried to speed up by the looks on there faces.

The boys had a goal to get Traci in the water. She was a river guide so trying to tip the kayak was very unsuccessful.
Tori in the water, still.
My sweet Jason!
Samantha is my crazy one. She is my sweet, energetic, kid.
Jason loved the trampoline. He could have been on it all day.
Samantha in the kayak.
I love when I catch a smile.
Tori loves the lake.
Many, many water fights this year. The kids are really growing up.

Don't try and get uncle John wet. He lets you know that was a bad idea.
I had to make sure Traci got in the water. I went down too, but at least she got drenched.
Jason loved the tube! He is my wild child.
Tori tried to wake surf. She did get up. There is some video at the end here.
Brett was successful. I love his smile.
Duncan thinks he's quite the stud. Which of course he is.
I was not as successful as the rest. I tried. I'll get there!!!!
Brett's true success.
Duncan jumped off a cliff. Yes he is there.
Here is the zoom in. Uncle Jon really knows how to show a boy h0w to play.
Tori was really freaked out by the rope swing. She cried but really wanted to go. I knew she would be kicking herself in the car ride down so we finally talked her into it. Grandpa has a calming effect on her.
I even went. It was kind of fun.
Here are the videos of the trip. Lots and lots. Hope you enjoy!!!

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