Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When is school supposed to start?

I'm so wasted I don't know where to begin. Brett's been sick, Jason has been Jason, Samantha has been well Samantha, Tori keeps complaining about her eyes, and Duncan thinks that his life is boring so he needs to be going somewhere or doing something all the time!

Jason has had an ear infection in his good ear. He'd been spewing stuff from his ears for a while so I have left his hearing aid off. I'll have to ask Paula if that's the right thing to do the next time she is here. The result is my boy is being the frustrated terror that he has been. I'm going to put his aid back into today and see if it makes a difference.

Samantha is having a hard time with the older kids having so much more freedom then she does. It's hard because she is 3-4 years younger then the older two and I'm not ready to let her roam as far away from the house as the other two do. I think that first grade will be a good thing for her. She will leave the house with the older two and go to lunch. She'll be gone all day, and she won't feel quite so left out.

Tori has been non-stop eye doctor's appointments one right after the other. The frustrating thing is that she's doing really well!!! Last night she told me that her eye was really blurry and that it would go away and come back. Her eyes were quite red so I gave her some Optcon-A which is an allergy eye drop to see if maybe that would make a difference and this morning she was just as red. So I called Dr. Dries and left a message and then he called personally and told me to bring her on in. Again, she's fine! He said she could use a contact in her left eye because there appears to be astigmatism. So I've got to take her in to see Dr. Olafson who is the contact specialist at the Moran Eye Center. I hate feeling like a panicky hypocondrac mother everytime I take her to the doctor. BLAH!!!!

Duncan spent a whole week with his cousin at Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway's house this summer. He's constantly playing with his buddies. He's out having "Night Games" when the other two aren't allowed outside. He's had a pretty darn good summer so far. Yesterday he asked his buddies family if he could go camping with them. They camp a lot so I wasn't worried about the family but I'm not sure if I'm ready to let him go camping without me. Besides we will do the Ward Campout, and then we will be going on our annual Bear Lake trip. This time we'll be detouring to Yellow Stone. His buddies parents said "No." Thank goodness!!! I didn't have to be the bad guy this time. However, Duncan proceeded to cry for a good 45 minutes. Sobbing.........sobbing........coughing.......dripping nose.........AAAAA!!!!! "I finally had to get upset at him and advise him that he wouldn't have been going anyway so knock it off!

Brett is still not 100%. He's wiped out and can only do a few things at a time. He also got pretty grumpy when his energy level plummeted last night. Brett is a farely happy-go-lucky kind of guy, so when he gets ornery it really kicks my butt. I know he deserves his grumpy days too, it's just that they are so uncommon that it throws me for a loop.

Now to me, I'm so ready for school to be in. I'm hoping that it will help get us on a better routine. I'm on an emotional roller coaster lately and I'm trying so hard to stay stable, but some days are better then others. I thought today was going to be one of those better days, but since I spent 2 hours at the eye doctor and had to fight my 35lb 2 year old for that 2 hours I'm again wiped out!!! My work has also been pretty rough lately. We're getting really busy, so my boss is trying to figure out our work flow. The problem is with the new-ish office manager I feel like the only time I hear from anyone is when the world is falling apart or I'm getting yelled at. My job is what makes my staying at home with my kids possible, but I used to feel some sort of accomplishment, now it's just a job. I also used to have a huge connection with my boss, but since they moved away and the new-ish office manager has taken over the phones I never talk to him. I know that shouldn't be much of a surprise with the way that things have been going, but I feel like I've lost a couple of friends.

OH Well, sorry for the complaining!! I just needed to let it out!

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