Thursday, August 6, 2009

What a Day!!!!

I woke up this morning to a missing daughter. I told Tori she could go with her friend to the zoo today, but they weren't leaving until 12:30pm. But, I guess her mother decided she wanted to leave early because before I was awake and coherent Tori was out the door. I about had a nervous break down. Brett called his buddy Rick who does security up there every now and again, and asked if there was anyone who could look around for her. He just happened to be up there, and did a round looking for her. He didn't find her.........when she finally got home I know why. Here face was completely covered in face paint.

Then, I was just relieved that I still had 4 kids so I took them over to the skate park to play for a minute. I was taking a picture and in the middle of this I got stung in the arm-pit. Yes, I said the arm-pit.

Then I got back home and my husband had a 102 degree fever. So I asked him to go to the instacare and the Doctor says he has a 65% chance of having Swine Flu. What a day!!!!

I just want to hide for about 72 hours and see if the world will quit looking our way!

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