Monday, August 3, 2009


Jason was on one today. The boy didn't stop until it was time to sleep, but dang he's cute!!!

I was running payroll which requires that I be connected to the internet. Samantha came running upstairs and said, "Mom, Jason is doing something very, very, very bad." I was in the middle of someone's payroll calculations and Tori was downstairs with him so I wasn't too worried about it. When all of a sudden, my connection dies!!! So I ran downstairs and he had yanked the modem out of the wall. So I had to spend an extra hour getting back my connection.

He's been signing "please" and saying "mmmeeeessssss" all day. It's so cute. He scrunches up his nose and says it as loud as he can. He said "mmmeeeessss" to drinks, toys, and when we went up to Grandma Siddoway's he said "mmmmeeeessss" to his swimming suite and floaty. It broke my heart to tell him no. It was late and the pool was out of commission for the day. He's so determined to communicate it's fun!

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