Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Devious Mind of Parents

I'm not sure if anyone else watches the T.V. show "Clean House", but my family watches it a lot. The kids even enjoy watching people de-clutter there insanely disaster homes.

What they do on the show is make the people go through their stuff and pick what isn't really important anymore and have a yard sale. Then they use the yard sale money to fix up the house. The catch is, the people don't get to keep the stuff that doesn't sell. It goes to charity.

Now that I've explained all that, we had a yard sale on Saturday. We had the kids go through all their toys and books. What wasn't important and wasn't used anymore was going to the yard sale. We made $11.00, and then took 3 black garbage backs and a couple big toys that don't get used anymore to the D.I.

I cannot tell you how many times I've told the kids we needed to get rid of some of their toys. They had so much stuff they didn't know what to play with. Then the arguing and whining would begin. But, we used the "Clean House" method and the only one we had to fight a little was Samantha. The others gave up there unused toys without any hesitation!

I felt kind-of deceptive, but the kids knew what the end result was and didn't have a problem. They even went with us to the D.I. and dropped it off. Now on to organization of the left over toys!!

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Amy said...

I LOVE that show! You are smart to teach the kids....I just wait til they go to school and start hucking all their stuff! LOL