Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Been Eating Me Up Inside

Duncan is the sweetest most innocent child in the world!!! He was calling me into his room tonight, and once again he was in tears.

Mom: What's wrong now baby?

Duncan: Mom, you remember when I went swimming at Curtis house?"

Mom: A few weeks ago? Yes....what's up?

Duncan: Well......(Duncan nervously wringing his hands) They were taking pictures, and Trisha told me that if I didn't smile for the pictures she was going to really kiss me. (The tears are starting to well up in his eyes) Well my mouth got tired from smiling too much, and my smile went away.......(the boy completely breaks down.)

Mom: So, Trisha kissed you?

Duncan: She tried to, but I went like this....(as he hides his lips to show me what he did in defense.)

Mom: Oh Honey, you didn't do anything wrong. Don't beat yourself up about it. She kissed you, you didn't kiss her.

Duncan: Really?

Mom: Yes! It's O.K. Duncan, if things are bothering you like this you need to talk to me. I'll understand!!

Duncan: Mom, this has been almost eating me up inside! Like, I've almost been in PAIN!

Now you know, my boy is an innocent little thing! It was so sweet, but it was almost painful to walk out of that room without cracking a smile!!!

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Hit 40 said...

Amazing what is going on in their heads!!