Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday's as Always

Wednesday is always absolutely insane for us. The kids are really busy, and a lot of their activities fall on Wednesday.

Duncan doesn't do well with being off track right now. He is always a needy boy, and cannot just do for himself. But, he has decided that he LOVES to build stuff. So instead of having him rip something else apart, we ran to Home Depot today and picked up some little boy play toys. 1 2X4, 1 1X2, 4 hinges and some wire. You should have seen the look on the employees when I asked for these things. The wanted to know what we were building, and I advised them I had no idea. I'm just following the 10 year old. He's been building stuff all day!!!!

Then we had Duncan's soccer game. The other kids played on the play ground and we waited for the game to start. But by the time it did start I had to run Tori over to her dance class. So we piled back in the van and played taxi.

(Samantha was taking her baby brother to the park.)

By the time I got back Duncan had already scored 2 goals. He played really well today, and even chipped the goalie. He's got a pretty mean shot when he keeps running.

Jason was hilarious, he was walking from basket ball standard to basket ball standard and head butting each one. I have no idea what he's thinking!!! My kids are nuts!!!! =)

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