Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Today our city always has a Memorial Day Breakfast. The kids talk about it all year!!! I'm not sure what is so fascinating about eating Breakfast at the park, but the kids love it.

Brett waiting in line for Breakfast while the kids play at the park.

Jason has absolutely no fear!!

Duncan swinging!

I don't know what Tori is doing. She's being her silly self though.

Jason going the wrong way up the slide!

Tori and Samantha on the swings. I'm so glad they both know how to pump now, I don't have to push the whole time we are at the park anymore.

Jason loves to slide!

More waiting for Brett, this time for Duncan and Tori to climb the rock wall.

Duncan bragged the whole time that he was going to reach the top. I told him to be careful, and it was harder then it looked. He made it about half way.

This is the look I got when I asked him if he made it to the top or not.

Tori was less cocky about her climbing ability. She made it about the same distance.

She was more nervous about coming down then going up.

Again, Happy Memorial Day!!!!!!

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