Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Soccer Tryouts

Today Duncan had soccer tryouts. He did really well! He actually ran, which is quite an accomplishment for him. He's gained some love of the sport recently, so we are doing it again. I thought we'd be done with soccer this year but Duncan has decided to continue. Of course poor Brett is porbably going to end up coaching again. Sorry BABE!!!

The rest of the kids played on the play ground. That seems to be all we do of late. Soccer, Park, Soccer, Park. Oh, well. The kids had a ball! As you can see, the only pictures I got of Sam are at the top of the slide. That girl just doesn't care if I'm watching or not. She just loves to go, go, go!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mel, Just wanted to let you know that I left you a blog award over at my blog. Feel free to grab it next time you stop by. You are great. I can't believe how grown up Tori is looking. She is beautiful.