Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jason's friend Paula

Paula came to our house again today. I was so excited to tell her about Jason's hearing aid! We did a little gig because he's finally wearing it. I received his ear mold on Friday and he has been wearing it for the most part all day, everyday. I'm hoping that he has finally realized the benefits. He is still a 19 month old and he still pulls it out. But he is not fighting when I put it back in and he really leaves it alone unless it is pulling funny on his ear.

Our new assignement is to work on an "Experience Book". Since this is blogging in baby form it shouldn't be to hard for me. We're supposed to help him make a book about his experiences, we will help him draw pictures and we will write down what the pictures mean. It should be fun!! I'm sure the rest of them will want to have an "Experience Book" of their own.

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