Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Zoo

Well....maybe not.....

My plan was to fix the car and then take the kids to the zoo. Nobody informed me that the zoo closes it's gates at 5:00 pm. RUDE!!!

Well, we'll just have to go tomorrow than.

Instead we got dinner and went to this awesome little water park down the road. It's free, and the kids quite enjoyed it.

This was Jason's favorite part. They actually have showers tapped into the side of the bathrooms. He could have stayed there all day. Especially since he figured out how to turn it on.
I'm never sure if Jason likes this kind of thing. Some days he does and some days he doesn't.
Duncan, Samantha and Tori jumped right in. They aren't afraid to have fun!!
Duncan had no problem getting in the water.
Curtis on the other hand wasn't sure he wanted to hang out with a bunch of babies. Duncan made sure that he did.
Tori had to help!
Tori loves cooling off. There is nothing that makes her happier then playing in the water in any form.
Jason decided he was done pretty quick. Brett had to go and get him so that the other kids could play for a minute.
Brett showed him that it was ok, and than Tori took over.
The boys trying desperately to look cool, while surrounded by a bunch of toddlers.
Tori is my maternal little thing. She took Jason's hand and ran him through quite a few of the fountains.
He did enjoy this. He sat down and let himself get drenched.
I think this is my favorite picture. Tori is such a sweet heart!!
Duncan, Curtis, and Samantha were trying to jump over the fountains.
Samantha is so energetic, it is fun to watch her do her thing.
Jason had decided once again that he was finished. Tori got him showered and then brought him over to me.
He hung out on the ground for a while. Warming himself up.
The rest of them lied on the ground and cooled themselves off.
Finally Jason was finished for good, and we headed home.
We will be sure to be visiting this fun little place again! Thanks Nichole for letting us know about it!!!

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