Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weird Dreams

I think I'll start blogging my dreams that I think mean something to me. Silly I know, but when I wake up and they really seem to have made an impact I think I should note them.

A few weeks ago I had a dream about Samantha. It was World War Three. We were in a desert and there was a big building that we were doubling as a bomb shelter. Of course there were crazy things everywhere but the part of the dream that seemed to spark my real interest was trying to keep Sam in the bomb shelter. Instead of chasing down Jason I was trying to keep Sam safe. I kept telling Samantha to stay inside, that it wasn't just an inconvenience, but that she couild DIE!! So when I finally got her in the bomb shelter she decided she was going to hang out in the window wells. She just kept telling me she was safe, and it wasn't a big deal that she was on the edge of safety or not.

My thoughts as I woke up were my Samantha has to push her luck all the time! She has to go as close to the edge as she can.

Last night I had a dream about Duncan. It was so off his personality it was almost humorous. Duncan was hanging out with a bunch of older kids and I found out he was part of a gang, and he was taking and selling drugs. I was freaking out and he was completely calm and acted like he wasn't doing anything wrong.

My thoughts as I woke up, I don't spend enough time with Duncan. Whenever I talk about Duncan my usual words are, "I don't have to worry about him." I think I need to worry about him a little more.

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