Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lots Going on.

Yesterday I thought was going to be simple, but as things always turn out, it wasn't. I had a quick appointment for me, and then Jason had Speech. We worked on following a point, and a few sounds. Greg would blow bubbles on both sides of Jason and then try and get him to look at the way he pointed. He was doing pretty good! I think bubbles and fireworks fall in the same category of interest for my baby. He also wants me to work on a few sounds. He said to pick some that have more meaning for him around the house. So I think we'll work on "MMMMM" for Milk, "PPPPP" for Popsicle, and "SSSSSSS" for Swim. The therapist would take Jason's hand and put it next to his mouth and throat. I'll try and see how this works. Next Samantha had Activity Days. This was her first official time. She loved every minute of it. They did a Journal Jar and since my Aunt Nancy gave her one for her Baptism, she was all ready to go! After that it was Soccer Practice. I thought the day would end with dinner at home and putting the kids to bed. However I got a phone call from my friend Katie and she advised me it was Relief Society night and that I was supposed to be there to talk about Jason. What a whirlwind of craziness. I put dinner in the oven, left Tori to babysit for a few minutes and walked up to the church. There was a lovely lady there to talk about the Autism Spectrum. She did a wonderful job. She explained a lot about the kinds of things she deals with as a Parent and a Teacher of children with ASD. Then it was Katies turn to talk about her son, and then mine. Let me tell you I didn't realize I was such a boob! I've talked to a group about Jason before but it was just in kind of a general sense. This was a little more difficult for me because it wasn't just about Jason, but how it affected our Family. Boy, I don't think I stopped crying. What the ward must think of me. LOL!! Bedtime came at last and now the day is at a run. Hopefully I can remember to blog about it tomorrow. =)

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