Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well, today I have officially lost my mind!! I decided that I was going to tackle the problem that Brett has been wrestling with for a while. We had a plan of attack so it wasn't as if I was just going to go crazy and destroy everything. I did know what I was supposed to do. I FIXED THE VAN!!!

We had a light bulb issue in the dashboard and it was causing some problems for us. So I opened up the dash and fixed it!

This is all the parts I had to take apart just to get to the light bulb. Sheesh! What it takes to change a light bulb already.
These are what it looked like when I got down to the light bulbs.

I know. It was a little crazy, but fun just the same!! And yes, I got it back together and fixed another problem as well. The windshield wiper fluid was not working so I got under the hood and fixed that as there......=P

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Kari said...

Wow! Most impressive.