Sunday, July 10, 2011


My husbands brother came from Arizona this week. It was really fun to see them, and see how their kids have grown. The cutest to me is their sweet little 4 year old. She had a talk with her Daddy before they got here about Jason and his needs. Stan described Jason as being a baby still. So "O" was walking around telling me she needed to look out for Jason.

It was so cute! Jason wanted to get in the pool, and no one would listen. He took "O's" hand and led her to the gate.
I imagine in his mind he's asking "O" if she can open this thing!
Jason being the constant climber started up the railroad ties. "O" was not happy with this and wanted to get him down all by herself.
She mellowed out a little when he started playing with the swing set. I think she was feeling a little bit what I do on a daily basis.
She's a sweet thing!!!

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