Friday, July 8, 2011

Church History Museum

Wednesday we went to the Church History Museum with a friend from our ward. It was quite a fun day! Jason handled things well for the most part. He had take Nephi's ship apart. Apparently it wasn't done correctly. =)
They had a fun section teaching how to do some Mexican dances.
Jason apparently thought the vest was awesome because he has the cutest smile on his face when he's looking in the mirror.
Big blocks for Big Kids
Duncan had to try the skirts too. What a cheese monkey.
Jason liked the door bells.
Samantha is VERY cute!
I think Jason must speak Egyptian.
Tori had fun with the random people in the musuem.
Self Stimming.
Thought this was a good idea!
Tossing Tortillas
I think Jason actually played with the dump truck correctly.
Duncan was a bit worn out.
He thinks he's a stud.
found a puzzle.
Golden plates are sweet!
Tori was a little tired.
This was Jason's favorite part! Geometric Shapes!!!!
We went over to Temple Square.
This is the sweet group of kids that we went with.
Jason had a tantrum here. Sadly the Christus did not have a calming effect on him. =)

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