Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Visiting Teaching Workshop

Tonight was the visiting teaching workshop. We had a lovely dinner, of soup and rolls. I could have gone back for seconds and thirds, but decided that would be a bad idea.

The talks were given by Vinnie Feller, and Brenda Stephenson. Vinnie is the Visiting Teaching Coordinator. She talked on using the Attributes of Christ in our Visiting Teaching.
1. Christ knows me=we need to get to know our sisters.
2. Christ loves me=we need to love our sisters.
3. He allowed himself to be sacrificed for me.=We need to serve, and sacrifice to help our sisters.
4. He helps me learn the gospel, through the spirit=We need to teach with the spirit, so that our sisters can learn more of the gospel
5. He fortifies me and my home=We need to help protect and fortify our sisters and their homes.
She also stated multiple times, that His hands are our hands. We always need to remember to be the Lords instruments.

Brenda is the Relief Society President and she talked on Visiting Teaching on Five Fingers.
1. Partner=you need to have a good partner and be a good partner.
2. Prepare=make sure you are prepared to visit your sisters every month.
3. Pray=Pray with your partner when you visit your sisters. Pray to know what they need, and to bring the spirit into their home.
4. Present=Present the lesson in the Ensign. Be quick and to the point, so they will want you to come back. =)
5. Plan=Always remember to plan your future visits when you are finished for the month.
She also stated that we need to listen more and talk less. Be upbeat and happy, try not to drop your burdens on the sisters you visit. Help carry theirs instead.

I was asked to sing with some wonderful ladies, the song In My Sisters Hands by Sally De Ford. You can listen to the real recording HERE. I believe you will need to actually download it. I don't think you can just click on it and here it through the web.

We've practiced a little bit, and I think we did ok. The ending was muddled a little bit, but it was fun.

I put it to some pictures of me my, sisters, and mom; my sweet girls; and a picture of Christ. I know it's supposed to be about our Visiting Teaching Sisters, but you work with what you've got. Besides, my girls are WAY CUTE!!!

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