Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Friday's Soccer game

Duncan had a bit of a melt down Thursday and Friday. His buddy was going to go to Lagoon, and had some discount tickets. He really wanted to go, but he had a soccer game. Brett and I both decided that he wasn't going to Lagoon, he was going to the soccer game.

We had a long discussion about commitment. I can't tell you how hard I argued against soccer this year. Not that I don't enjoy soccer, I DO! But, the time commitment increases every year. When he wanted to try-out, we talked about how much time and effort he was going to have to put into this year. He was all gung-ho, until he had a conflict that he thought was more important.

He went to the soccer game, and enjoyed the time with his team. We'll see if he ends up playing next year though, he really struggled with this lesson.

Jason fell asleep on the way to the game, and slept through the whole thing. It was quite an enjoyable game. I actually got to watch it.

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