Monday, October 18, 2010

Last soccer game of the season

Duncan played his last soccer game on Thursday. I'm relieved the season is over, since it was more travel then we are used to. We drove to Lehi, and the game was at a fun little park. I was able to sit at the park and watch the game. Quite a rare experience.

Here are a couple of highlights from Duncan's game.

Tori as always was my helper. She really helps, even though there are times I know she doesn't want to.

I love this picture!!! Jason is such a cute kid!!!

Tori is learning to be a little braver. She figured out how to flip off these bars.
I wish Samantha would have some of Tori's caution. She is always on top of the play ground.
Or under it. Whichever tickles her fancy.

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