Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Jason has started being interested in the potty. He will not keep his diaper on, especially if he has the remote possibility to have it off. So I think he will be wearing underpants at home. The biggest problem here, is that I'm a scatter brain. I'll probably forget that he has underpants on, and then he will have an accident. He is my first kid, that will go to the bathroom just about every time I sit him down.

I advised his pre-school teachers of this new development and they said they would start working harder on this at school. One of the aides said she had potty trained more kids in the last two years then she would have ever thought before. That's LOVELY!!! Any help with this is a joy to have. I am not good with potty training. They better want to do it, because I won't push that. It's easier to change a diaper then scrub up the floor.

Keep your fingers crossed for me! =)

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