Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today's goings on

I walked out the door to go to Jason's ENT appointment today, when I got a call from Duncan. "Mom, I just threw up." So I had to turn the car around and go check Duncan out of school. I had a nice little helper to get Jason to his appointment. Duncan seems to be doing well, so I don't think I have to worry about him.

Jason will be having new tubes placed in his ears on the 3rd of November. After that we will be having him sedated to have another ABR done, so we can hopefully get a conclusive result on his hearing. More about that when the time comes.

I took Jason to preschool the other day and the first thing he did was run over to the computer. I'd seen a few other kids do this but I knew Jason doesn't know how to run the computer, so it surprised me a bit. The teacher explained they have a touch screen and Jason is VERY good at running the schools computer. INTERESTING.

So Samantha's new favorite thing is to get on the computer and play a game that Jason would like with him sitting next to her. She's a sweet thing.

I bought a black sweat suit and some orange duct tape, and Brett made Jason's costume. I've said all along that he is "My Little Caged Tiger", I think it's pretty darn cute.

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