Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Possible blessings in disguise.

(Old picture right after surgery)

Well we spent about 3 hours at Dr. Bernstein's office today. First they checked Tori's vision with her glasses on. With her lenses she is about 20/70. Then they checked the pressure in her eye, which she hates. They have an instrument that they poke your eye with and then I guess it gives you a reading of resistance. We then proceeded back to check the refraction in her eye. Her right eye was fine but they were unable to get a reading of any kind in her left. We waited quite a while for Dr. Bernstein and then he came and looked at her eye. He also had them take a scan of her eye to make sure there are no possible tears in her retina.

Her retina is attached!! Success!!!

She still has the cataract, which is why she has been having problems with light sensitivity. She also has been seeing "squigglies" which is some left over vitreous and some blood clots. Tori will probably need cataract surgery. He won't recommend it until 3 months after surgery so we have a little time yet.

Here's where the possible blessing comes in. =)

During the cataract surgery, Dr. Bernstein will also take out the clots and remaining vitreous. This will help with the obstruction of her vision. With the surgery they can also take away her near sightedness in that eye!!!!!

I need to not get to excited though because we have to discuss it with Dr. Dries, the kids ophthalmologist. Dr. Bernstein isn't sure how well Tori will do with a contact in the eye that is still near-sighted, so we have to do some pondering and praying.

It was nice to come away from the doctor's office with a little optimism!!


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Anonymous said...

Congrats! Hopefully she will be able to do a contact in that eye. What a blessing that will be for you both!