Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We had a few fun things happen yesterday.

Tori and Samantha got there first set of books from the State Library for the Blind and Disabled. They come in these canvas bags that we send back to the library as soon as they are finished with the books. I still haven't figured out why but blind people get free postage.

I was showing them to Tori and she was unimpressed at first because they were books she had seen before. But when I opened them up to show her the large print she was thrilled.

"Mom, I can read that!! I won't need to use my magnifier anymore!" I explained that she will need to still use it for the books that we can't get from the Library but that these will help.

Paula from the school for the deaf came over yesterday. We figured out that Jason is understanding at a 10-12 month level and he is expressing at an 8-10 month level. So we have started using some sign language with him to promote some communication. A friend of ours from the ward brought us over the first "Baby Signing Time" so we have been working on those signs. Paula also taught us a few more signs that we felt would be important. Like "come here" and "Go Away" (the last one was for the older kids when Jason is napping). We'll see if anything makes a difference. We have a hearing test next week so we'll be able to hopefully confirm what his hearing loss is. Jason hasn't had an ear infection since he had his palate repaired so hopefully we will have some good news.

Also, I went for a walk with my boss. We've been getting crazy busy with work so I have been doing nothing but sitting at this computer. (Blogging probably doesn't help, but at least this is entertaining for me!!) Joe wants me to make some changes that will hopefully make a difference in my work time. Hopefully this will work and I will be able to start moving my fat agaim!!!

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