Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, Brett did come home a little early. I still didn't get as much work done as I needed to, but I did pretty good.

Duncan got everything done to receive his Bear in Cub Scouts. We needed to go to the Library so we headed over there for Family Night. The kids got a million books and the girls checked out a few books on tape so they could learn to use there cool new tape player. As we were about ready to check out the librarian came out and advised us that the puppet show would be starting in 10 minutes. So, we decided to stay and watch the free entertainment. Duncan ended up front helping do some puppeteering which was quite entertaining. Then right before the show started Leslie and Jon showed up with their girls. I sent Maren up to sit with my kids and the show started. I thought I was going to be up and down with Jason but he was total enthralled with the puppets. I guess it shouldn't surprise me, since he loves the Muppet Show.

Well that's all I can think that happened yesterday that was of note. It was as I said "pretty uneventful". It's so lovely to have days like that every once in a while.


MommyChickadee said...

That sounds like a nice day. Are you feeling better?

LutzFam said...

Yes and no. I'm busy, and don't have time to rest much. I'll get over it though.