Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tori went to school yesterday, and her Teacher tried to explain to the class about Tori's surgery. She said that she really didn't know exactly what the surgery was about, so Tori drew this explanation. It's hard to see the writing so I'll transcribe.

retna (retina)
It's what makes you see.

flowed (fluid)
Is what your body gives your eye if the jelly is gone.

gass bubel (gas bubble)
keeps your retna in place.

I was quite impressed with my little girl's observations. =)

Tori asked me to print up some "real" pictures with the gas bubble and retina and stuff on it. So I thought I would add this to her entry. She's very excited to take this to school tomorrow. I'm not sure her teacher can even grasp the concept of what Tori (or I) were talking about.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! She sounds like quite the gal...You are such a good mom.