Monday, December 1, 2008

Brett has to go out of town today. He'll be gone for a whole week! I'm really bummed. I hate it when he leaves. I'm not very good at being a single mother.

Duncan doesn't handle it at all!! I went to drop the kids off at school and Duncan got all choked up and said "Tell Dad I'll miss him, K?"

The girls take it all in stride. They just want to know when he'll be home and look forward to his return.

Jason doesn't care as long as I'm there.

So hopefully the week will just fly by and I won't even know he's gone.

Ya! That's it!!!

I went to the school this morning to discuss the girls 504 with the vice principal. We will be getting the district occupational therapist out to see the girls some time to do some vision therapy. This will help them to recognize things as far as safety hazards earlier than later. Samantha trips a lot. The poor thing has bruises up and down her legs. Tori doesn't really have depth perception right now so anything will be a big help. Miss Magalai will be calling to let me know how that is going sometime in the next couple of days.

I let her know that we are related to Jill Sharp, who Miss Magalai taught in 6th grade. She said she was going to call and speak to Jill about all this stuff because she is having a hard time finding out where to order the large print books. I guess the district hired a new OT this year so it's like starting all over again. As long as the girls are taken care of, I'm happy.

Also, I had Lisa sign the paperwork for the girls to receive Large Print books from the State Library for the Blind and Disabled. I figure if we get started with the large print now the girls will handle it better when they're teenagers. Also, Tori will be receiving a book on tape once a month. Lisa says it would probably be good for her to get used to the tape player now, before she needs to use it with her text books. I guess the player slows down the tapes so that you can actually take notes and follow along at the same time. Jill used them in school, and it helped to not wear out her eyes to bad. We'll see how it all goes.

I'm just thrilled the kids are back in school so we can have some kind of routine back!!!

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