Friday, January 2, 2009

Sledding at Cheese Park


Samantha sans sled.

The Crowd...Duncan, Tori, Samantha, and Curtis (Duncan's Buddy)

We took the kids sledding at Cheese Park today. We were supposed to go to Powder Mountain with my family, but we're trying to get Jason to stay in his own bed which is turning out to be quite a pain.

The kids had a ball, and I now know why my parents used to take us sledding here. Great hill, good long space at the bottom for slowing down...loved it!!!


Anonymous said...

Where in the heck is Cheese Park? That looks so fun!

LutzFam said...
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LutzFam said...

K I've found the directions. You go down davis blvd. to the very north end. turn on 4th north and the second right you go north for a few blocks and it's on the right. It's awesome because you sled down into a baseball diamond. Lot's of landing room!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I need to take the girls sometime. They would love it!