Friday, January 3, 2014

November 16th/Child Family Fun Day

We went to Boondocks for Child Family Fun Day.  The kids had a blast, and basically left me in the dust.  Brett of course kept up with them.  I did take Jason into the laser tag game, and wanted to film a little of what was going on, but Jason was a little overwhelmed so we ended up in the corner while the kids had all the fun.  That was about when I gave up on getting pictures this time.

Jason and I did the kiddie bowling.  He loved it.  Until someone else came along and we had to take turns.  We ended up on a different lane the second time, and because he had started on another lane I had a hard time convincing him not to bowl the other kids game.

The fun part was that he understood and did it mostly by himself.

We found this Jump rope game.  The lights go around and around.  We sat here for about an hour.

We then went back to my brother Jeff's house and had pizza.  It was quite a nice day for all.

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