Friday, January 17, 2014

December 10th

Duncan stayed home from school that morning to get glasses.  He's had a pair of glasses since he was in fifth grade, but he never would wear them.  I tried to get him to pick out some trendy glasses that I believe were even a Tony Hawk brand, but he wouldn't have it.  I finally gave up and he worked with the optical technician because I couldn't figure out what he wanted.  Finally he picked out a pair that were wire frames that were not very visible on his face.  He wore them for like two weeks and that was it.

Fast forward to his appointment.  Since I didn't want to spend a fortune on glasses and I could tell he really couldn't see we went to America's Best.  Before the appointment started we picked out some glasses.  I was a little awed and amazed at the ones he chose.  Yes, he got the thick rimmed black glasses that are anything but invisible. Since they were having their buy two sale I picked out a little mellower pair that he approved of for things like family pictures.  That and if he decided that he didn't like that big pair he had an alternative.  He has yet to put on the mellower pair and he has learned the benefit of wearing glasses.

I don't know if it was the extra time we spent together that morning, but Duncan was hounding me all day.  I posted this picture on Facebook and put "This boy won't stop pestering me."  He found my post very funny.

I also started crocheting again.  I made this hat for Duncan to take as a white elephant to a Christmas party but it was way too small.  But look how cute it is on Jason.

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