Wednesday, January 15, 2014

December 7th

Jason got a haircut.  It only took three of us to keep him contained.  Sitting still can be rough.

I texted this picture to my sister Kristen.  I asked her if Mitch wanted this for Christmas.  I know how much he hates Girly stuff.

We went to Kristen's house to watch the MLS finals and I knew they had an eye bolt in their family room ceiling.  I brought Jason's lycra swing and you should have seen the kids go nuts.  They all wanted to get in it.  Of course Jason just wanted it, and sharing isn't something he knows how to do.  Finally he had a good long turn and was able to get some energy out.

The biggest problem this evening was the ipad cord was broken.  Jason is pretty hard on everything.  It was meltdown city when it woudln't turn on.  So I decided I'd had it and I was going to buy a new cord.  They had just opened a new Apple store not too far away, so I figured that was better then nothing. was snowing like crazy!  I didn't care....something had to give.  I had to have my brother move his truck and since he thought I was to mad to drive he followed me for a  little while trying to get a hold of my cell phone.  What he didn't realize is that I'd traded Brett phones because I had stuff on mine for Jason to play with.  Long story short, Jason got his ipad cord and Mom had a minute to calm down.

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