Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Playing Catch Up June 8th

Child Family Fun Day at the Scottish Festival

Duncan always wants to be the big helper, when it comes to Jason.

Duncan tried to sword fight.  That was fabulous.

Gotta try the food.  Meat Pies!

Duncan tried the caber toss.

Then we went to listen to the Wicked Tinkers.  Tori doesn't remember them but we saw them when Duncan and Tori were very little.

The girls wanted to get as close to the stage as they possibly could.

Jason loves the bag pipes!

Then we had Samantha's first friend Birthday Party.  She had so much fun she could hardly stand it.  She pretty much invited everyone that was in her school class and almost all of them came.  I had one kid tell me that I was much more fun then her Mom, because her Mom never actually gets in the water.  Thankfully we were able to recruit our family life gaurd, Aurora, to help keep watch of all the crazies.

Duncan decided that Samantha needed a Keva Juice for her birthday.  Either that or he really wanted one and that was the only way I was going to take him.

I love the color of my roses.

Brett finished my Mario Swamp Cooler.

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