Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Playing Catch Up August 26th

First day of school!!!!

Brett cut a hole in my wall for a door.

The girls just watched.

Jason loved being able to just go outside.

So does Sam!

My house looked like it was on fire.  But it was just saw dust.

This is one of my favorite picture of Jason.  He looks out of the corner of his eye at things all the time.  I always wonder what he is seeing that I cant.

We decided the slide needed to be up higher.  So we put the tractor tire at the bottom and we filled it with sand.  This is the bulk sand that they sell at lowes it truely takes a fork lift to move.

Because we borrowed Dicks truck and he needed it the next day we had to empty the bag that evening.  Duncan is a trooper with his head lamp.

This is what my bedroom looks like from outside with Jason's disco ball going.  Ya....there is always a party in there.

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