Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Playing Catch Up Sept 7th

We actually went to SLC Comic Con 2013

There were over 60,000 people who went this year...I think they expected 6,000.

We took the train.  We didn't want to find a parking spot in that insanity.

This was the first cos player the kids actually wanted to have their picture taken with.

Had to love Master Chief.

Jason liked a few things, but with so many people he was pretty closed off.

They found the UofU video game area.

All of the kids wanted a go.

Gotta love Gollum.

Jason loved the big R2D2's.  Sam wanted to bring one home.

I was dead tired after the convention.  I wanted to just go to sleep.  But there was the train ride home.

Duncan things he's so awesome with his Dr. Who shirt, Dr. Who belt and his newly purchased Dr. Who suspenders.

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