Thursday, October 3, 2013

Playing Catch Up July 8th

Jason loves this candy.  He likes it with the paper on....not off.  Which means you find little bits of wrapper everywhere Jason has been.  The fact that Grandma still buys this candy is proof that she loves Jason.

I don't know where Duncan was but he wasn't there.  It started with buckets.

Then went to lets experiment.  Lets see who can make the best boat.  Whoever's bucket spills is the loser.

Then it turned into the bucket army..

Of course there is always time out to give Jason a hug.

They were kind enough to let him have one pool noodle.

Once Brett got in the pool the "Tyrant Daddy" showed the girls who really owned the pool.

Yup.  "Tyrant Daddy" won that game.

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