Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Playing Catch Up August 22nd

Duncan, Jason and I trucked down to Provo to go to the LDS movie studio to try out for a part in the Young Men/Young Women theme video for the new year.  It was quite the drive, and I had a bit of a time finding it.  We got down there, and we walked into the front door.  He let them know who he was, and they sent Duncan upstairs.  I asked him if he thought he needed me, but he said he was good so Jason and I went outside.  Jason is always loud, so I didn't want to have him interupt.

This is outside the front door.  It makes a great seat to watch Inspector Gadget.

They have a nice shaded area with a picnic table so we went over there for a while.

Hanging out with my boy.

Took a quick picture of our badges.

They had an old home made teeter totter.  I had to take a picture of the bottom so maybe Brett could make one for our backyard.  But I love the look of Jasons face when I wasn't complying with his wishes to get the thing moving.

My handsome boy. 

He did not get the part.  He was very disappointed.

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