Friday, October 4, 2013

Playing Catch up July 23rd

Samantha got her teeth drilled.

Then we went to Lagoon with Max and Liv.  Since we were with the big kids Samantha wouldn't go on any of the rides.  She just made me sit out on the benches while Duncan, Tori, Max, Liv and Jason went on everything else.

Panoramic's don't work with Jason.  He moves too much.

So just do a collage.

In line for the spider.

On wicked.

I took a video as they loop around and this was Jason's face through the whole thing.  I would say he didn't like it except he didn't want to get off the ride when it came to a stop.

My wind blown boys.

The brave girls.

Jason doesn't really like waiting.

Tori really wanted to go on this ride, but since there are no open toed shoes allowed we got to sit it out.

Duncan's friend Jenika works at Lagoon.  She was in the glitter tattoo booth so Duncan had to stop and get one done.

I love that Duncan has no hesitation holding Jason's hand.  He doesn't care what it looks like or who sees.  He still takes care of his brother.

I think Duncan bought everyone ice cream afterward as well.

Then we went swimming.  Yes I'm a princess!!! 

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