Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Playing Catch Up June 28th

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I went to Walmart today to pick up a cheap sprinkler. I stopped with Samantha and Jason at the McDonald's in the store and my son was well my #sonwithautism . He has a lovely vocal stim that is a high pitch note. always the same note. it can really hurt the eardrums at times. I sadly am used to glares and questioning looks. So I was a little surprised when a woman walked over to me and whispered in my ear "thank you for bringing him out to the store today. I really appreciate it." Huh......My Samantha asked what she said to me. I told her what was said and she looked confused. Why would it be a big deal to bring him to the store? I told her that there are a lot of Moms that don't take there kids like Jason to the store. It's just too hard. She smiled and said, "That lady was very nice." Yes baby, yes she was!

here were some responses.

And of course, once I turned on the sprinkler Jason just loved it.

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