Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day!

Mother's Day I woke up to breakfast it bed.  The kids always make so much more than I will ever eat!  Mush (Cream of Wheat), Cinnamon bread, eggs, and milk.  We got ready for church and had an enjoyable Sacrament Meeting.....well that is until Jason started yelling.  I had Brett take him outside and told him is diaper was soggy.  He than took Jason out to he van and changed him.  Jason thought he was going home.  That was the end of church for me.  I didn't even go to Nursery.  He was having a pretty major melt down.  I talked to so many people who told me how awesome and patient I was.  An old lady from another ward told Jason he needed to settle down because it was Mother's Day and he needed to say I'm sorry to Mama.  Thought that was cute but irrelevant for the situation.  Someone in our ward stopped to talk to me and see how Jason was doing. The old lady who talked to Jason before came back over and said, "I'm sorry!  I was eaves dropping.  My Great-grandson is probably Autistic.  They want to have him tested.  What should they do."  There really is a reason for me to be as vocal as I am about our fun family life.  I know my family gets tired about hearing about it.  I get tired about hearing about it.  But there is a reason.

Jason and I spent the last 2 hours of church walking around the church.  I had to finally put him on my shoulders so that he couldn't lay down and throw a fit.  He finally calmed down and Duncan came up to me and took Jason.  He said, "I'm walking home and I'm taking Jason with me.  This is the picture of us driving by.  He really is a sweet kid.
 My Nephew is just a few months older than Jason.  For a long time he tried to get Jason to play with him, but he has started to discover that he isn't so normal.  He kind of quit trying to play with him, and it broke my heart.  Someone told Mitch to tell Jason to give him 5.  It was so sweet.  Maybe they will be friends, someday.

 We got outside to go home, and Jason saw Jeff's motorcycle.  He wanted to get on it.  So I told Jeff he was giving Jason a ride.  I kind of didn't give him an option.  Jason and Jeff went for a short ride around the block.  Once he got back I took him off and told him to give Uncle Jeff a kiss and say thank you.  He gave Jeff a kiss and immediately tried to get back on the bike.  Apparently he thought that would get him another ride.
The girls both made me some fun presents for Mothers Day.  I will take a picture of them and post them as soon as I can.  Happy Late Mother's Day to everyone!!!

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