Monday, May 7, 2012

Catching Up

March 9th will forever live in infamy!!  OK  a bit strong....but it was a really LONG day!

Tori got her cast off.  It was also pajama day at school so no I didn't just decide to let her come out of the house in her PJ's.
This was the last day that Tori had her cast so we took a picture. 
 She was really nervous about getting it cut off.
 I'm surprised at how tough it was to get through that.
 She thought her arm felt really weird.
 She had to keep the pieces as a memento.
That afternoon I got a phone call.  It was Coach Call.  This was what he said.  "Hi...uh....Melanie?  This is Coach Call.  Duncan had an accident here at wrestling and he hit his head pretty hard.  I think you should come pick him up. Also I won't let him wrestle until he gets an ok from a doctor."


So I ran to pick him up and the coach had walked him to the curb and was waiting for me to show up.  Duncan was on S-l-o-w-m-o.  Everything was very determined and he looked really angry!

I called my Dad and asked him if I should take him to instacare or to the E.R. He said to take him to instacare and that when he got home he'd be waiting for my phone call.

I did finally get out of him what happened.  Moses, the other kid, picked him up over his head and than they both fell.  Duncan landed on Moses head with the back of his head.  So basically Duncan fell about 5 feet onto Moses face with the back of his head.  Not something I'd recommend.

I called my Dad and asked him if I should take him to instacare or to the E.R. He said to take him to instacare and that when he got home he'd be waiting for my phone call.

Here is a picture of us waiting.  He looks really happy doesn't he?  They went over a bunch of questions with him, and he answered to the best of his ability.  Again VERY slowly.
They didn't like his flinching when they touched his neck so they put a collar on him.  They repeated a bunch of questions and he answered them.  He looked at me...VERY ANGRY...and said., "Why do they keep asking me the same questions."  I kind of laughed and explained he had a concussion and brain swells when that happens.  If he can't answer the same questions they just asked a few minutes ago it means it's a problem.  He, being my VERY smart kid, got it right away and complied with all requests from than on.
The doctor saw him and again didn't like the flinching at the pressure on his spine so they called an ambulance.  hmmmmm.....I'd never ridden in an ambulance before.  That would be interesting.

They came pretty quick and put him on a back board. 
 At first he was ok with it. but eventually he didn't like it much.
Carried him out to the ambulance. 
And this is where we met my Mother.  I had called her and asked her to come and get Jason.  I had also left the girls home alone, so I called the Curtis, our neighbor, to go let the girls know Grandma would be picking them up.  My Mother is a psychotic in an emergency.  She is not one I'd usually call, but the In-Laws were out of town.  The look on her face was priceless to me as she ran up when they were loading him into the ambulance.   
 Grandma and Grandpa followed us onto the freeway.
 I discovered that I kinew the EMT.  Well I know his family. 
He wasn't too happy with the back board and was relieved to be off it by this time. 
 He did start perking up and becoming my boy again when they gave him so oxygen on the ride.  His coloring was a little weird.  
They got him in for x-rays to make sure his neck and spine were not broken. 

Side view.
top view 
With his mouth open. 
An even better view with his mouth open. 
I sent this picture to Aunt Kristen and Uncle Chad.  Since Chad has had about 10 concussions himself I thought I would share. 
 He did really want to go home, so we got out of the room and wandered the halls for a minute.
 He fell asleep pretty quick.  He was a good boy......=)

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