Monday, May 7, 2012

I know I said I'd blog more

The day of Samantha's Dr's appt was also another day that really will live in Infamy for me.  I had not worked all day.  Between Sam's appointment and Jason I wasn't getting anything done.  The girls got home from school and they went into my room to watch TV.  Jason was in there and I figured I was OK to get some work done.  

I think I had sat down from about 15 minutes when Sam comes running into the front room with a phrase that I knew would come one day.  (After all I know my boy).  "MOM!!  JASON FELL OUT OF THE WINDOW!!"

My bedroom is on the second floor of the house.  I have caught him in this window a few times before and always thought "I need to fix that".  

I ran down the stairs...out the door.  and there was my baby on the ground, crying, in the garden.  I carefully moved him away from the house.  Knowing it was REALLY stupid to move him, but I had to get him out of there.  (Mom brain).  I sat trying to comfort him and than told Duncan to call his father.  When he came back I had him grab the phone because he had hung up on his Dad when he said he was coming home.  I told Sam to go get LaRee the next door neighbor who is a nurse.  Sam And Duncan ran to get her and than I told Tori to get her brother a bottle.  

He settled down very quickly after that.  He even tried to get up and move around.  LaRee came running and did what she could without anything to do it with.  She was freaking out that he wanted to get up.  But with Jason how do you hold him down.  So we let him up to see if he limped or anything.  NOPE!  She had a hard time telling me to just take him to the hospital with out an ambulance  but that's what I did.  She watched my kids and once again I left them at home to go to the hospital.  (Sidebar: Duncan had a scout campout that night.)

I called my Mom on the way to the hospital and complained the whole way.  She said she would pick up the girls and LaRee, who's husband is in the scouts said that she would make sure Duncan got off to the campout.  

By the time I got up to the hospital Jason was fine!  I grabbed him out of the car.  Took him to the ER and said, "My son here just fell out of my 2nd story window."  The look on their faces was awesome.  What psychotic mother carries their kid into the ER after and accident like that.  The look on therir faces was even better when they watched me put him down because he wanted to see the fish tank.  When I explained that he had Autism and that he couldn't talk they started understanding where I was coming from. I think they also understood where I was coming from when I yelled at Jason to not pull the fish tank over.  This was about where Brett showed up.  THANK GOODNESS!!

 They wanted to put a collar on him in the waiting room, but that wasn't going to happen.  It took 3 of them to get it on, and than he was OK.  They wanted to take a blood sample so they wanted to place an IV.  I asked if he could be sedated because he doesn't like IV's.  He explained that if he started getting groggy they wouldn't know if it was the injury or the medicine.  So......we went it without meds.  Because he obviously had Autism they really worked with every suggestion we had for them.  They called in a big guy to hold his legs, Brett held his arm and 2 other techs held his other arm that the IV was going in.  Jason just grinned!!!  They put about 12 layers of tape on the IV to make sure it stayed in and then it was off to have an MRI. 
 I was concerned that he would not be helpful for this experience.  The need to hold still isn't something that Jason complies with very well.  However.  With the straps and the led vest for the most part he settled down.  I did have to show him my phone for about 45 seconds at one point, but he did really well.
 Jason had a few scratches, but he looked amazingly whole.  He did hate those stickers for the heart monitors though.
 Than after that stop we headed to do x-rays on his neck and spine.  He really liked this as well.  The pulling and pushing, and pressure.  He could have been there all day.  I helped with this so I didn't get any pictures of the x-rays, but Brett did.

When we got back to our room, they said that Jason had a skull fracture.  Boy did I feel like the Mom of the year!  He must have hit the protruding bricks under the window with the back of his head on the fall.
 The biggest wait was for the Doctors to decide whether we were going home or spending the night.  With his Autism and his inability to communicate they were really not sure if they wanted to release him or not. We had to wait for the Neurologists to let us know we for sure could take off the collar.  His neck wasn't broken.  He was not happy with this thing!

He was so thrilled with it gone that he just wanted to get up and run around.  It took another 45 minutes for them to release us but we got to go home and go to bed.  What a loooong day!!!

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