Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 17th

We have never had an official Birthday Party for Jason. I know....I dropped the ball. I'm just not good at throwing parties. So unless the kids actually ask for one, I've avoided them like the plague. Since it's been such a good summer the pool was still open close to his birthday. We decided to have a swimming party at Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway's. Jason LOVES swimming, I thought even if he doesn't get it he will like swimming.

Alaric is Jason's buddy. When Alaric was told about the party he was so excited he'd be able to be there. Gotta love this kid!!
Jason loves candles. I'm not sure this is a good thing. =) Every time he hears the Happy Birthday song he comes running. I love the look on his face.
He took about 3 bites of cake and then wanted to go swimming.
The best part of presents was peeling the wrapping paper off. That made waiting for swimming bearable.

One of his aunts bought him stickers. As you can see....he loves them!
We finally convinced him to come swimming. Sticker peeling left his head after a little while.
Samantha loved having all her cousins in the pool.
My silly girls.
Duncan wanted to be a grown up but wanted to play with the kids as well. He couldn't make up his mind.
Alaric spun Jason around, and around. He thinks Alaric is pretty cool.
A good crowd came out to celebrate my sweet boy.

My kids always have to race. This time they did it with someone on their backs.
Duncan was showing off.
Right before the mass jump in.
Jason stripped naked in the pool, and ran up to jump on the trampoline. FREEDOM!!!
I love my silly boy!!!!
After the party Grandpa and Brett helped Duncan pin bugs for his bug collection. I couldn't stand it!! Those bugs in the box better stay at school!!!!
Right after bug pinning, Duncan had a soccer game. I love it when there is a play ground at the soccer field.

Duncan had an awesome game! I really think he might be picking up on the game. I just wish he'd show a little more passion, or be done. =)

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