Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Past Due Posting

I can't believe September is so close to being over already. Seesh!!!! I started typing up this blog entry and it got put aside. So now I'm finishing it!

The 6th of September was a CRAZY day!!! I had an appointment to apply for SSI at 9:04am. It was really just feeling out the application in front of a Social Security worker. That was a shorter meeting than I anticipated, but it didn't free up my day any. I had to go to my training, which I anticipated being late for. After my training I had Jason's IEP. This was the longest IEP meeting I've had to date.

Jason's old teacher was there along with his new teacher. We went over his new goals and health plan. I think his new teacher is just that....a NEW teacher. She said she had worked in a school for kids with Autism before, but I think this is her first official post. She had originally started going to school to be an Occupational Therapist and changed her mind, to become a teacher. So that is something in her favor for working with Jason. I'm really excited to have Jason work with this Speech Therapist. She is very excited to use whatever means necessary to help him start communicating. She said she wants to use Sign Language, Speech, and PECS. Whatever will help him to communicate in anyway. She might be getting us a touch screen so he can use his teach town program at home more effectively. I'm hopeful for this year but am going to hold off on a complete judgment for a few months.

Duncan then had soccer practice. Since we are a one car family this day required us borrowing a vehicle. Thank goodness it was available!!! Brett and I dropped Jason and Samantha off at the In-Laws borrowed the truck, and then took Duncan to soccer practice and Tori went with him. She is starting Orchestra this year so she had her Orchestra Orientation that evening. So Brett got to bring Tori and Duncan over to the High School.

The reason that Brett had to do all that running around instead of splitting it up, was I got to sing in Relief Society that evening. I was supposed to put together a group but.....well there is an explanation on the video. I know I'm cheesy. I recorded myself singing. I figure most of the time this blog is about the kids so I've gotta throw me in there sometimes. By the time this day was over I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

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