Thursday, September 22, 2011

Friday September 9th

This day started out on the sad side. Our friends Funeral was that morning. We dropped Jason off at the In-Laws and Brett, Duncan and I went to the church. We stood in line for the viewing. We just happened to sit next to the Stake President. He's a sweet man, but he just also happened to be the the Sunday before when I was a boobing mess!! When we got into the Relief Society room Duncan hunted out his buddy who was in the corner with a few of his friends who were playing on their iPhone. Duncan stole his Dad's phone so he didn't feel left out.

We of course hugged my sweet friend and her sweet daughter and made our way back to the chapel. I was asked to conduct the music so I had to sit up front. I asked my family to join me up front. I learned quickly that there is no way to not cry so just let it go. Besides most people don't pay attention to the chorister anyway....=)

Side note: Duncan's friend Curtis asked his older brother why he wasn't crying. He responded "Because I'm too entertained by watching Duncan boobing.." Ya the poor kid must take after his Mother.

Later that evening Duncan had his first soccer game of the season. They were slaughtered. You could see the boys slowly deflating. There were definitely some good things happening though.
I don't have to yell at Duncan to keep running quite as often as I used to.
The girls and Jason played on the play ground for just about the whole game. Towards the end we say Tori trying to drag Jason around the field. Grandpa Siddoway jogged around to pick him up. Once he got moving he continued moving.
After the game it was time for Family Movie Night. Duncan decided he didn't have to visit his old school so all the boys stayed home. Brett dropped us off and the girls and I had a ball.

Waiting in line for some dinner. Hot Dogs and chips.
Gotta have popcorn and snow cones.
My sweet girl. Well at least she can be sweet sometimes....
Tori and her friend. I love seeing her interact with her friends.
This is quite the fun night. What could be better then watching a movie outside.We walked home in the light of the moon. Quite a fun evening.

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