Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jason's Latest Hearing Test

We took Jason to the Audiologist yesterday. He did REALLY well! He gave her about 15 good minutes of listening. My baby worked really hard!!!

The final findings looked about the same as before. His hearing loss in his right ear seems to be about 25-30 DB's and it looks like he is having an issue with his left right now. I don't know if it's temporary or not.

The Audiologist suggested we fit him with two mild hearing aids. Now is the fun part. We'll see how long it takes us to save up for them. We'll probably have to get them one at a time. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!! =)


sidskids said...

Have you had him fitted for the hearing aid or gotten a price?

leah said...

Hearing aids are so expensive! I hope you can save some money for them - our little guy wears 2 aids and I don't look forward to purchasing the next set (he got his at the age of 4 months, and he's 3 and a half right now).

I was actually looking up Stickler syndrome because Nolan has a congenital hearing loss and just failed his preschool screening test for myopia.. we don't have an official diagnosis yet (we have an ophtho appointment on June 1), but someone on my hearing loss email group mentioned it, so I was looking on Google. Our Nolan has several "odd" medical issues, but no cause for any of it - I guess we'll see what the eye doc says in June.