Monday, January 24, 2011

Hunter's Safety

Duncan's friend Curtis somehow had a hunter's safety class scheduled at his house. Of course Duncan had to go!!! He was psyched and had to tell me all about every class when he got home. He went for about 3 hours a day, for about 6 days, and then had to go shooting.

They took a written test at the end of the class and my smart little bugger, tied for the highest score. 49/50. He tied with one adult for the highest, and got a higher score than the other adult taking the class. Ya that's right......I've got a pretty smart kid!!! =)

Brett took Duncan out to the shooting range on Saturday, and apparently it was FREEZING!!! Brett came home ready to jump under the covers, and that is not like my husband.

Getting ready.......
And of course he was so proud of his shooting ability. I think this bunny is dead!!!

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sidskids said...

Great job Duncan. We already knew he was intelligent.