Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm so glad I wasn't home during this time on Saturday!!!! I went to Zumba for my sister Kristen's birthday. When I got home my poor husband was a little ticked off!!!

He was in the kitchen eating breakfast when Samantha yelled down the hall that Jason was taking off his diaper. So Brett told Sam to stop him and he'd be right in. When he got back Jason was naked, and the room smelled like poop.

He searched for his diaper which was clean when found, and Jason was clean????????? So he looked around on the floor and still couldn't find anything. Jason was standing on the heater Brett moved him and lifted up the vent cover.


Yes......Jason had taken off the vent cover, pooped in the vent, and put the vent cover back on.

I'm SOOOOOOO glad I wasn't home!!!!!

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