Monday, November 15, 2010

This Weekend

Tori couldn't be outdone by her brother and sister so she cashed in some of her reward points for an ice cream. Yes, I took her. =)
I bought some yarn to show Tori and Samantha how to crochet. It proved a little difficult and Tori was getting really frustrated, so I changed the craft. So of course I had to use the yarn. It was going to be a dish rag but the yarn was so thick it turned out to be a pot holder.
I made some granola bars. The kids ate it for breakfast this morning and all raved about how good it was.
This weekend, Brett made himself 2 ties. He is unhappy that I had to take a picture, but they both turned out really good!!!! He can now have as many Man Accessories as he wants. He just needs to make them himself. =)

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