Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Jason was my little caged tiger. He actually left his ears on for his preschool party.

He was a little bit confused about the pumpkin.
But once the paints came out he could have gone on forever.
Tori was a ghost.
Duncan was a Dead Gangster
Samantha was "Puppies for sale"
We went Friday to Brett's office and trick-or-treated.
After we got home, we found that Jason liked the costume make-up. He really thought it was paint and now one of my make-up brushes is beat up.
Samantha advised me that Halloween would be ruined if we didn't carve pumpkins.

This is Tori's. She watched a bunch of pumpkin carving tutorials on you-tube and wanted to try out the newer techniques.
Samantha's has star glasses and braces. Dad had to help with some of it but she loved every minute.
This is Brett's 8-bit cyclops. Love the little teeth.
Duncan was cute and got his little brother a donut at the trunk-or-treat. Then the flood gates opened and it started to poor. I haven't seen so many adults running in one place for a long time.
We ran up to the in-laws and Aurora was there. Jason seems to dig her. This face was a pose. I waited to see if I could get a normal face and he wouldn't relax until I took the picture.
We had a couple of cousins come trick-or-treating with us. We had a lot of fun. Wesley said that he got twice as much candy as he ever got before. I don't know if it was true or not but at least they felt like it was worth it to come with us.
The kids loved the big cat. Had to snap a picture with them.
Samantha was exhausted and wanted to go home. The other two wanted to stay out so I was brave and let them go. This was the last door that Samantha knocked on.
My sweet husband put the pumpkins out. Duncan carved his at school, so we had 4 pumpkins to place on the porch.

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