Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Duncan and Tori had their SEP conferences yesterday. They are both doing really well.

Tori's teacher loves her, and is pleased with how she is doing. She met her A.R. goal, and is doing well in almost all other subjects. She still struggles with Math a tad, but I think if we work on her times tables so she can spout them off fairly quickly she will improve.

Duncan is doing well in all areas as well. He is enjoying pretty much everything with school this year, and likes his class. The biggest area he needs to work on is zipping his lip. We joked about Brett photo-shopping a picture so Duncan could bring it to school for a reminder. Well here it is. =)

This is just a poor snap from my camera. But it made us all giggle.

Samantha didn't have an SEP this time, because her teacher had surgery and was out for 6-8 weeks. Sam is doing well, though and is reading wonderfully.

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