Friday, November 19, 2010

Duncan's Afghan

I finished Duncan's afghan. He seemed quite pleased, and said it was bigger then he thought it would be. I think it looks pretty good.

Yes, I know I'm cheesy. But what good is it to make something if you can't add a little of your own personality.


The Pedersen Haus said...

I love it Melanie! I saw you walking the track the other day with the kids. You are the best Mom EvEr!!!

Kayleen said...

i LOVE that you made this! Did you follow a pattern or make your own? Seriously! SO COOL!!! Makes me want to dig out my crochet needles and get busy on something.

LutzFam said...

Kayleen-I didn't have a pattern. I just did a double crochet until it looked big enough. Then did a shell around the outside. It was fun, but took a little longer then I suspected.

I am really having fun with the old crochet needles. =)